REV3 = Revitalize, Energize, Visualize

By Evangelism, Discipleship, and Shepherding


The True Shepherd

This is a compilation of verses that I believe support God as a Shepherd to…

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Poor Shepherding

“We have a jewel – a precious jewel, indeed. It is the doctrine of true…

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Separating Piles

PART 1: Have you thrown the church on a recycling pile? Many valuable items have…

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A Prayer

Hello Abba Father in Heaven, I come to you now depending on your love, mercy,…

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What is a Church?

Matthew 16:18 ~“And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this…

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God’s Grade

Is there a church in existence that does not desire numeric growth? How closely connected…

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The Organized Church

A church can be turned into or even start as an organization. Unfortunately, it would…

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The Organic Church

“Organic” has become a buzz word which sells products today. Customers look for it on…

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Most Frayed Strand

The “Organic Church” (pronoun she/her; Ephesians 5:23, Revelation 19:7) can be local, national, and international….

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