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By Evangelism, Discipleship, and Shepherding

Doctrine, Tradition, or Habit?

From the list below, which ones are doctrine, tradition, or habit? Do you know the Scripture to support your answer?

  1. We should be hospitable to fellow members.
  2. The heat should be set at _____ degrees.
  3. We should not steal.
  4. We should sing out of the Zion’s Harp.
  5. Women should wear head coverings.
  6. Elders should sit in the front benches in the Sanctuary.
  7. We should spread the gospel each day.
  8. We should sing “praise” songs.
  9. We should be hospitable to strangers.
  10. We should attend church services.
  11. Married people should wear wedding rings.
  12. We should be hospitable to angels.
  13. We should not gossip.
  14. We should only say good about people, unless we are confronting someone in love.
  15. We should not marry unless we are burning with passion.
  16. We should sing.
  17. We should gather with fellow believers incrementally more as the end draws near.
  18. We should not drink alcohol.
  19. Preachers should wear ties when preaching, especially if they don’t have a suit jacket.
  20. We should serve grape juice for communion.
  21. We should eat leaven bread.
  22. Men and women should sit separate.
  23. We don’t have to share the gospel if more gifted evangelists are in the church.
  24. We should not overeat.
  25. The husband is the provider for the family.
  26. Sermons should be preached on Sunday mornings.
  27. Getting together with fellow believers is optional.
  28. Preaching is a gift.

Author: Wilf Scheuermann ©2016; Photo by Leeloo The First:

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