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By Evangelism, Discipleship, and Shepherding

The Organized Church

A church can be turned into or even start as an organization. Unfortunately, it would not portray God’s original intent. In an organization, parts can fail and be eliminated with little or no ramifications. Some downsizing may even be profitable in an organization, but the same is not true if we attempt to amputate any part of a living organism. Other books have been written on this topic, and it would be wise to research it further if more clarity is needed.

In Genesis 1:31, life in Eden was very good and organized. Unlike now, where there are chemicals or man-made byproducts contaminating or infecting the earth. Every living thing has a life span which is explained in Genesis 2:17. Living things at their inception were not doomed to die. At their origin, the plan was to survive and not expire in the created environment. Although human life was not deemed good by God until they could procreate, life from its inception was completely organic. When man brought his own ideas and sin into life, death came with it. When God birthed the Church, similar principles applied. She was given life and told to spiritually procreate in Matthew 28:16-20. Many churches have been birthed, but who is their father? The church that has the spiritual DNA of the Heavenly Father will sustain life eternally. Churches infused with human principles or ideas will not sustain life, and even at their demise may have ill effects (Colossians 2). Even if they appear to be alive due to their procreation, in the long run, they will create a spiritual mess because they aren’t rooted in the Word alone. The only “good” churches will dynamically and naturally apply God’s eternal basic principles for church health, growth, and multiplication (Colossians 2:18-19). Now that we have somewhat explained what organic means in terms of the life of a church, you will have to decide if that is a descriptor of your faith family. The Church should be a living and procreating organism. If your or your church’s life does not fit the criteria for being alive, what are you doing about it, and what elements are out of equilibrium?

My encouragement for you is that you can add life to a church if you apply the basic elements of evangelism, discipleship, and pastoring yourself. Do not abort church but keep her alive with your obedient life. If someone seems to discard the Church from their life, that does not mean the Bride is dead.

Author: Wilf Scheuermann, excerpt from the transcript, God’s Grade ©2015; Photo by Anete Lusina:

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